In this post we explain how to start a travel blog in 3 steps.

Starting a (travel) blog may sound intimidating. But really it’s not, because we did it too ūüėČ

The easiest platform to start a blog on, is WordPress, one of the world’s largest blogging platforms and a complete content management system.

This post shows you how easy it is to start a travel blog, or any other blog. Your blog will be up and running quickly in just 3 easy steps.

So how to start a travel blog?

All you need is a web host, a domain name,WordPress and off you go!

1. Choose web Hosting and a Name

First of all, you need web hosting. A web host is a¬†business that provides the technologies and services for a¬†website so people can view it¬†on the internet. Compare it to the engine and technical parts of your car: without those, it doesn’t drive ūüėČ

There are many hosting companies out there, but for our blog we chose Bluehost; the only hosting service since it is officially recommended by WordPress and provides hosting services for almost 10 years.

We use Bluehost for the Hippsetters website, but also for our other websites, blogs and for our web design clients.

These are some reasons why we recommend Bluehost like:

  • Great¬†customer service!¬†(And trust me you will need them every now and then ūüėČ )
  • Good reliability and usability
  • Easy-to-use
  • Automatic¬†WordPress install
  • Technical support¬†24/7
  • Affordable price
  • 30-day money back guarantee and the option to cancel any time

To set up your own hosting account with Bluehost, follow the next steps.

It’s easy peasy, we promise!

But first, think of a name for your blog/brand that’s unique and represents your blog.


2. Set Up Your Hosting Account

Next, you need to set up your web hosting account. We explain this in simple 4 steps:

2.1 Go to¬†Bluehost‚Äôs home page¬†and click ‘Get started now




2.2 Choose a hosting package

Web hosting will be the only cost that’s¬†really necessary to start a blog (with Bluehost you get the domain for free!), all other costs are optional like design, plugins, etc.

Hosting at Bluehost starts at $3.95 a month, therefore really affordable in the market of web hosting.

The hosting is priced at 12, 24 and 36-month terms. The longer term you purchase, the lower the monthly rate.

There are few other offers provided at sign up, which you can include. We recommend Domain Privacy, a paid service that keeps¬†personal information private, because we think that’s¬†important.

After you‚Äôve filled in your information and chose your hosting package, click the ‘next‘¬†button to complete your purchase.


2.3 Set up your domain

Now you choose a domain name for your website, like the name for your blog or brand.

When you sign up for hosting at Bluehost, you get your first domain name for free!

Fill in your domain name at ‘new domain‘ and click ‘next‘.

Do you already own a domain?
If you already own a domain that you want to use, you can enter it at ‘transfer domain‘. You will just have to go through a few extra steps to make sure you get your DNS pointed to¬†Bluehost.


2.4 Fill in your personal information


Now that you are all signed up and are able to log into your account, you can get started installing WordPress!


3. How to install WordPress

We’re almost there!

Finally, you have to install WordPress.

Now that you have your account with Bluehost, go to ‘WordPress tools’ on top of your screen.


Choose ‘New install‘ and fill in the required information:

Click on ‘Install WordPress‘ and WordPress will start installing on your domain.

Once WordPress is installed, you will get your site URL, the admin login URL, your username, and password. This information will also be send to your email. Make sure to keep it in a safe place.

Now you can log into your WordPress site by going to the admin login URL. Enter your username and password and now¬†you’re at your WordPress dashboard.

From your WordPress dashboard you can control your blog and website, like creating pages, change the design, theme, colors, font and start blogging!


Did these steps help you on how to start a travel blog?
Please let us know in a comment below with a link to your new blog or website, we are happy to see them!

XOXO – Hippsetters


*This post contains affiliate links